We're a pretty smart, entertaining and extremely quirky bunch of INNOvative FOODies. Get to know us!

Join our team in a fully equipped test kitchen and laboratory with sensory tasting and see where the magic of innovation and creativity happens.

Innovation is key to the success and growth of a business, it is a vital part of business strategy. We support the client every step of the way by developing new and existing products by creating products that are fresh, exciting and meet consumer trends.

We have a specially designed laboratory where we develop and manage all aspects of the product and technical development process, from the initial idea, to creation sessions and the final concept development stage.

We are a team of qualified professionals within the food industry that make up the best team at Innofood. We verify studies, question the sources and offer guidance based on our experience. No article or project goes without approval from at least two of our carefully curated experts in the field.

Hello – We are Innofood

…Welcome to the world of food innovation.

  1. it’s all in the name

    it’s all in the name

    We were looking for a company name to convey the word Innovation and Food, reflecting our focus on food and everything related to it.

  2. we won our first award!

    we won our first award!

    We received an award for the “Best Business Project CEEI Elche 2003”, we were chosen from more than 540 projects throughout the country.

  3. stop thinking, start doing

    stop thinking, start doing

    We were selected as the Best Business Project by the European Business and Innovation Society and this marked the beginning to succeed in the food industry and grow.

  4. numbers, numbers, numbers
    2003 - 2004

    numbers, numbers, numbers

    Drafting an initial business plan for the first year is no fun, however, over the years Innofood has evolved substantially. No one really knows what the future holds for us all we can do is meet the needs and demands of our customers.

  5. we are two!

    we are two!

    For about 2 years, Innofood employed one extra person. I was in charge of project development, commercial work and to look for opportunities to grow and succeed.

  6. our very first project

    our very first project

    The first project was the shelflife extension of salted sunflower seed snacks because until that moment no product of that type had an indicative date from a scientific basis.

  7. our first laboratory

    our first laboratory

    Our first office was on the ground floor in the district of Orihuela, which had a tiny yet cosy kitchen with very basic equipment.

  8. Innofood is 1!

    Innofood is 1!

    Our first birthday celebration was very intimate.

  9. exhibitors


    As exhibitors for the first time, we went to the BTA Barcelona, it was a positive experience and we continued attending ever since.

  10. the veteran

    the veteran

    The original member whose knowledge is unmeasurable.

  11. we moved!

    we moved!

    About a year later, we made the decision to move to Granada, based on funding support from the Andalusia government to help expand our business.

  12. press releases

    press releases

    We are always involved in interviews with the support and participation of the the Innofood.

  13. our first advertising campaign

    our first advertising campaign

    We believe in word of mouth and build on our relationship with our customers, but now and then we do run advertising campaigns in various publications.

  14. innovative developments

    innovative developments

    The first company in Spain to develop and introduce the black garlic (Black Allium) into the Spanish market.

  15. another award

    another award

    In Granada, we received the AJE awards for Business Trajectory in 2011.

  16. the right to food

    the right to food

    We have been working with NGO Nutrition without Borders. Join us?

  17. the oracle

    the oracle

    From science to nutrition our very own oracle is the answer to our food debacles.

  18. the intern

    The intern

    Angela started as an intern and she is still working for Innofood

  19. team building

    team building

    We strengthen our relationship through team building activities and relax with good food and drink.

  20. the mexican

    the mexican

    Our secret ingredient to all things scientific and technological.

  21. education for the senses

    education for the senses

    We have participated in many lectures, conferences, seminars, workshops, both nationally and internationally. Our favourite was a local school with children.

  22. a brand new look

    a brand new look

    Times change, 5 times to be exact! We are innovative in nature, we like all things modern and current.

  23. Ya somos tres doctores!

    Ya somos tres doctores!

    Ampliamos nuevos horizontes en el mundo de la Alimentación Saludable

  24. a brand new look


    Queremos estar más cerca de todos vosotros con artículos originales propios sobre innovación, tendencias en alimentación, entrevistas a "personas que nos inspiran" y casos de éxito de nuestros clientes.

  25. a brand new look

    14 años!

    Y a partir de ahora nos espera unos tiempos cargados de proyectos ilusionantes, nuevas aventuras, desarrollos propios que abrirán nuevos campos de trabajo que nos tienen emocionados y por supuesto, continuar con los proyectos fruto de la confianza que siguen depositando nuestros clientes en nosotros y que nos permiten seguir aprendiendo y creciendo conjuntamente.

  26. a brand new look

    Bienvenida Doctora!

    Suerte la nuestra d recibir en el equipo a Ana, quien abordará los proyectos de base más científica con el rigor y la capacidad crítica que la caracteriza.

  27. a brand new look


    Un equipo creativo y multidisciplinar necesita de grandes dosis de organización. Inma es el reflejo de la buena gestión y la eficacia del trabajo bien hecho. Bienvenida!

  28. a brand new look

    Vuelve a casa!

    La cantera de INNOFOOD es una mina de diamantes, por eso Irene ha vuelto a casa para quedarse. Su experiencia en nutrición deportiva y procesos de calidad aporta una visión única al equipo.

  29. a brand new look

    La familia crece

    Más proyectos, nuevos retos y mejores clientes a los que agradecemos de corazón su confianza.

We started Innofood’s in 2004 after winning an Award for the Best Business Project in 2003. After we should do we continued our services and set up a big office and kitchen area where we innovate and develop fun products. Then we grew bigger and got cracking on.

Since then we were the first company in Spain to develop black garlic with magical properties, kids' stuff and products for Michelin chefs to use and promote at exhibitions. We then branched into “healthy” products, making healthy drinks that help people live in good health.
Our quest is to continue making natural and delicious products.

“ Our mission is to continue making natural and innovative products. ”