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Last week we were at Alquería College, a child education center located in the city of Granada. They opened their doors to us so that we, Innofoods could form part of its 2016 Cultural Week, introducing experiments with Science.

Our appointment was in the afternoon with children up to the age of 6. The purpose of our visit was to give the children the opportunity to discover the world of flavours. During our time at Alquería College, we spoke about sensory evaluation and introduced the use of 5 human senses to the children, so that they could work more closely with the products and we could assess how the children responded to the composition of food and drink, with focus on taste and smell.

To do this, we prepared different sensory experiments. We began with 4 basic tastes (dulce, salado, ácido y amargo), (sweet, salty, sour and bitter) and where the tastebuds are located on parts of the tongue. The children tested four water based solutions specific to each taste; sugar, salt, citric acid and quinine in forms of concentrations. We also engaged in activities to make clear the differences between “taste” and “flavour“.

In addition, in our second experiment 6 children evaluated different scents with which they are familiar, in order to heighten their sense of smell, by using aromas of strawberry, pineapple, chocolate, watermelon, barbecue and cheese.

In our third experiment, we explained various food processes and how it is possible to change textures of food from certain forms, for example converting dehydrated ingredients to create a similar product to tomato sauce. To do so, they were given to small a pot containing dried tomato with salt and spices, which then they added water to and mixed it all up, thus obtaining a product similar to ketchup in texture and flavour.

Finally, we end the session with the children learning the process of making a cake in the microwave, as known as a mug cake. The activity was to add powdered ingredients essential to produce a mug cake by adding flour, butter, egg, milk powder, etc. into a mug with water. Once mixed, the mug was put in the microwave for about a minute and a half to bake and once cooked everyone enjoyed a slice.

At Innofood R & D we believe in innovation as a driving force in the food sector. Therefore we are committed to sharing this idea from the youngest of groups. Thank you to Alquería primary school for giving Innofood the opportunity for being apart of their 2016 Cultural Week for experiments with Science. It was an exciting project to be apart of.

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