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Consumers are farther away from the classic packaging designs by adpating to new trends that are beginning to emerge in the market. The packaging industry has become competitive where the design is just as important as the product itself.

Consumers are adapting to unique and innovative packaging designs. Nowadays, leading brands like Apple seem to focus on a brand identity that radically and meticulously takes the design to its most basic element, always maintaining the essence of the brand but at the same time improving its aesthetic value. Apart from being visually appealing brands like Apple also ensure the design is practical and usable making sure the consumer prefers their product over the competitors.

It seems difficult, right? Undoubtedly, there are many aspects to take into account when designing the packaging of a product, but through this analysis we will shed light on this topic to make it simple.

Key aspects in today’s packaging design

For brands with iconic packaging or logos, it is very easy to exploit minimalist schemes, making the decision more difficult when it comes to buying especially if the designs are a little disorganised and noisy. In any case these are the designs that although minimalist, prioritise the information based on a brand design with clean and clear packaging from layout to image editing and colour usage.

Consumer attention is a precious commodity. That is why brands need to give the consumer an incentive to want to give them part of their time. Does your message help, surprise, or give your consumers any reason to smile, think, or feel good? The packaging that contains a narrative or an interesting legacy is in a unique position to attract attention, as this way consumers will have a reason to get involved in the product itself.

We can get a lot of information if we listen to the market. Nowadays, a lot of restaurants providing packaged food for delivery or take away package services are opting for containers which will suitably maintain food quality so that its freshness is well-preserved until consumption. In addition crucial aspects of design are also taken into consideration to keep the packaging attractive in order to increase the appetite of the consumer.

Only 65% ??of global consumers believe that take-away packaging is focused in the right direction. Across markets, satisfaction with this type of packaging is significantly lower than the average of other categories. On the other hand, 63% of global consumers state that food and beverage companies are making enough effort to improve product safety through packaging.

(Fuente: Reason Why)

All this leads us to the conclusion that there is an opportunity to improve the attributes surrounding the functionality of packaging designs (avoid spills or breaks, easy to transport), and safety (keeping the product fresh and with all its natural properties).

So what affects will new trends have on our packaging designs?

As for food: Visual communication can be used to indicate nutritional information or origin. However, space becomes a vital aspect when it comes to packaging design, so it should be as compact as possible to avoid confusion.

As for drinks: Using emojis for drinks can reflect the feelings of the consumer, which they will associate with the product, therefore creating conversation around the brand. There is also potential for pictograms, which can be used for a practical purpose such as; sugar levels, calories or content of a certain ingredient in an easy to consume format.

In any case, there are several key design factors where the packaging can affect your product:

o The aim of packaging design is to attract and strengthen the brand.

o Know your core target audience, your consumers and the message THEY want to hear, before showing too much (or too little) on the packaging.

o Understand the balance between history, the legacy of your brand and your future. It establishes a balance between both concepts.

o Determine what effect you want the graphics to have on the packaging and consider whether you want the consumer to make a repeat purchase.

As experts in food innovation, Innofood identifies all aspects when launching new products and even packaging. By looking into approaches of brand innovation and efficiency of packaging design that represents the essence of the brand. We know that for FMCG brands, the real survival of the fittest happens on the supermarket shelf so innovation and functionality has to stand out. If you want to know more, contact us on +34 958 750 607 or write to us at

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